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Community Involvement

As dedicated physicians committed to improving the lives of their patients, Drs. Nancy and Larry Silverberg feel a responsibility to help others whenever possible. To this end, they have contributed their time, money, and skill to a variety of charitable causes in their community, with none so close to their hearts as the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation, or JDRF. This organization is determined to find a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D), a condition that affects approximately five percent of individuals diagnosed with diabetes. The Silverberg’s daughter, Amy, is among them.

Amy’s story is nothing short of miraculous. She was born seven weeks early with no heartbeat or ability to breathe. She was resuscitated and placed in the neonatal infant care unit (ICU) until she was able to fully recover. Though Nancy and Larry feared there might be health problems, they joyously discovered that Amy was normal, healthy, and very active. Unfortunately, at the age of 10 Amy began to show symptoms of type 1 diabetes, including excessive thirst and urination. Amy’s life, though filled with optimism and determination, would never be the same as someone without this condition. Still, she and her parents persevered to create the best life possible. Today, Amy is a happy and healthy young adult currently earning her PhD in Writing and Literature at the University of Southern California. She has never let her diagnosis define or inhibit her, and she looks forward to a future where a cure has been discovered.

Ever since Amy was first diagnosed 16 years ago, the Silverbergs have been active members of the JDRF in the hope of raising money to find a cure for T1D. In addition to their support, Larry has served on the Board of Directors for two terms. Furthermore, Nancy and Larry were chosen to be the honorees at the 2015 JDRF Gala held at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach on March 28. The JDRF is a global organization that utilizes a multi-plan approach to improve the lives of those with T1D, including funding research, influencing government policy, and developing a plan to treat, prevent, and eventually cure T1D. To date, the JDRF has raised over $568 million in 17 countries toward T1D research.

If you have additional questions about type 1 diabetes, the JDRF, or the Silverberg’s community involvement, please contact our office today for more information.