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CoolMini™ by CoolSculpting®

unnamed-11Submental fat, commonly called a double chin, can be one of the most difficult conditions to treat without surgery. In general, pockets of fatty tissue on the face can be incredibly resistant to diet and exercise, often even more so than body fat. Fortunately, just as the CoolSculpting® device can reduce fat cells in larger areas of the body, the CoolMini™ applicator addresses excess fat on smaller regions, including the face. Dr. Nancy Silverberg, our board certified dermatologist, and our skilled medical team utilize the FDA-approved CoolMini™ at our state-of-the-art practice. If excess fat is leaving you frustrated, let us help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

How the CoolMini™ Applicator Works

Designed by the same people who developed the CoolSculpting® technology, the CoolMini™ was specifically created to treat smaller areas of fat accumulation, which often makes it ideal for double chin reduction. In addition to the face, Dr. Silverberg can use the CoolMini™ applicator to address stubborn pockets of fat on the knees and the underarms. The unique curvature of the device allows it to fit comfortably in smaller areas and to help contour the chin, jawline, neck, knees and more.

Completely non-invasive, the CoolMini™ uses a technology called Cryolipolysis™ to reduce the temperature of fatty tissue in the treated area to below freezing. This effect can destroy fat cells without harming surrounding healthy tissue. Once the targeted cells are broken down, they can then be eliminated through natural metabolic processes.


What to Expect

When you arrive for your initial consultation, Dr. Silverberg or one of her associates will evaluate your areas of concern and discuss your cosmetic goals. You will then be seated comfortably while we perform the CoolMini™ treatment. The device uses suction to grasp the pocket of fatty tissue and deliver cold energy into the skin. You may feel some pinching or tingling during this process as well as intense cold; however, these sensations should subside within a few minutes. Most patients report little to no discomfort.

The CoolMini™ process takes about one hour, and you can usually return to normal activity immediately following the procedure. Some bruising, swelling, and tenderness may occur, which should fade quickly. We typically recommend one-to-two treatment sessions, depending on your unique needs and cosmetic goals. Results will begin to be noticeable after one to three weeks, and the final outcome should be visible in a few months. As long as you maintain your weight, the effects should be long-lasting, potentially even permanent.

The CoolMini™ offers an advanced, non-surgical way to address excess fatty tissue in smaller areas of the body. If you have any questions about this treatment, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Silverberg or her qualified staff, please contact us today.