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Fractional CO2 Laser

ActiveFX™, DeepFX™ & TotalFX™

Fractional C02 laser skin resurfacing uses microlaser pulses to improve common skin conditions and signs of aging. With Fractional C02 laser treatments, the process is often more comfortable than other laser technologies and can rejuvenate the targeted areas without causing damage to surrounding skin. Fractional C02 laser treatment can be useful for the improvement of acne scarring , wrinkles and fine lines, skin pigmentation, areas where the skin has lost elasticity and begun to sag; and other conditions. This innovative laser procedure can also be effective for the treatment of actinic keratoses (pre-cancerous cells). Another benefit of Fractional C02 laser skin resurfacing is that the treatment offers results that often become apparent more quickly when compared to other laser procedures.

At Silverberg Surgical & Medical Group we can create a custom treatment plan for Fractional C02 laser skin resurfacing that is specifically designed for your individual needs. ActiveFX™ laser skin rejuvenation is designed to deliver results after just one treatment session – results that rival what other laser skin treatment technologies can often only accomplish after four or five treatments. The ActiveFX™ system can provide a wide array of benefits, including the correction of uneven pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, sagging skin, sun damage, and age spots. In addition to ActiveFX™, DeepFX™ laser treatment targets areas of the skin affected by scars, stretch marks, and enlarged pores. A combination of ActiveFX™ and DeepFX™ treatment can be performed in a TotalFX™ procedure that can produce significantly improved skin texture.

What’s often one of the greatest benefits to these state-of-the-art laser procedures is the fact that they typically provide results very quickly after only one treatment. Plus, recovery time is very minimal. ActiveFX™ and DeepFX™ also stimulate new collagen growth while penetrating only a small fraction of the skin, which allows for the more limited recovery and healing time.

ActiveFX/DeepFX Animation

  • Watch an ActiveFX™ treatment
  • Watch a DeepFX™ treatment

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