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Many people experience a hollow appearance in the temples and cheeks as they get older. Sculptra® can dramatically improve the appearance of hollow or sunken cheeks and temples, in addition to its effectiveness as a deep dermal filler that smooths out wrinkles. What distinguishes Sculptra® from other injectable fillers is its incredibly long-lasting results and its gradual method of rejuvenation. Our dermatologist will inject Sculptra® with a very fine needle into the treatment areas in a procedure that often lasts about 30 minutes or less. Although results will not be immediate, they will start to become apparent over a period of several weeks as Sculptra® gradually works to increase the appearance of volume in the skin, creating new collagen that helps the treated areas regenerate healthy skin layers. Some bruising and swelling can be expected around the targeted areas after the procedure; however, this should fade in the first few days after treatment.

Results from Sculptra® have lasted well over two years in some cases.

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