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LaViv™ Q&A with Dr. Nancy Silverberg

We recently sat down with Dr. Nancy Silverberg for a Q&A session about LaViv™ – the newest wrinkle reduction procedure offered at our Newport Beach dermatology practice. Below are her answers to our questions regarding the innovative skin rejuvenation treatment.

Question: How do you help patients decide if LaViv™ is the right treatment for their needs?

Dr. Silverberg: When patients come into my office for their consultation, we sit down and discuss their specific needs and identify their overall goals. We then use this information to select the most effective treatment. The best candidates for LaViv™ are patients who don’t want to inject a foreign substance into their skin and would rather use their own cells to correct aging issues.

Q: Do you have a standard anti-aging regimen for your patients?

DS: Not particularly. I don’t really have a cookbook-like approach. I like to analyze each patient individually and recommend a treatment plan based on the needs of each person. However, I do find that younger patients generally only need skin care and topical treatments. As they get older, their needs progress to injectables and laser treatments, and once they reach fifty they often need surgery to effectively achieve their goals.

Q: Do you ever combine other treatments with LaViv™ to address other concerns or aging issues?

DS: Yes, I do. In my experience, combination treatments almost always work best. For example, LaViv™ combined with a laser treatment such as Sculptra® can be an extremely effective technique for skin rejuvenation. In fact, our patient in our website’s photo gallery received LaViv™ in combination with our Sculptra® Plus laser.

Q: Will you briefly describe the general process of LaViv™ including how the cells are harvested and injected?

DS: Sure. We generally take small biopsies from behind the ear, leaving minimal to no scarring. After the cells are harvested – which takes anywhere from about 60-90 days – they are injected with a series of three injections. These injections are similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic and other injectables in terms of discomfort levels.

Q: How long will it take for LaViv™ results to be noticeable?

DS: It typically takes about three to six months to see the effects of LaViv™, and we have seen results last beyond five years.

Q: How does this procedure compare to other anti-aging treatments?

DS: This is a fairly costly procedure because of the high level of technology. However, for patients who want to use their own cells, who do not want a foreign substance, and who want long-lasting results, this is the ideal procedure.

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