Banishing the Razor: Laser Hair Removal for Men

laser-hair-removal-newport-beachBoth men and women experience unwanted facial and body hair that can lead to feelings of embarrassment, though the areas of concern and reasons for removal may be different. In addition to eliminating bothersome body hair, many men wish to streamline their morning routine by reducing the amount of hair on their face or neck. By utilizing laser hair removal, our male patients can often permanently reduce the amount of hair they have and may even be able to retire their razors for good.

Laser hair removal at our cosmetic dermatology practice offers lasting hair reduction for a wide variety of skin types, often with minimal downtime. We can also reduce or, in some cases, eliminate hair in a particular region. Men who wish to grow facial hair but are tired of maintenance shaving on their neck can focus treatment below the chin for a customized result that leaves room for changes in grooming style. Furthermore, unwanted body hair, particularly on the back, can be significantly reduced. Individuals experiencing painful razor burn or ingrown hairs due to shaving can also benefit from laser hair removal.

Men typically begin to seek hair removal solutions later in life, but it’s important that they do so before hair turns grey. While our laser is typically effective on most skin tones and lighter hair, it is not intended for white or grey hair. We strive to make every patient as comfortable as possible, and we offer prescription strength numbing creams to help minimize discomfort. Multiple sessions are required for optimal results, typically performed at 4-8 week intervals.

Ultimately, many of our male patients discover renewed confidence after laser hair removal, and they often report feeling a revitalized sense of freedom to participate in activities that involve revealing the upper body, including sports, beach activities, and intimate moments. Our objective is to provide patients with long-lasting hair reduction so they may enjoy life more fully.

For more information about our laser hair removal treatments, or to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dermatologists, please contact us today.

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