DIY Vs. Doc: Why You Should Choose Laser Hair Removal Over At-Home Treatments

laser-hair-removal-newport-beachThere are numerous ways to reduce, remove, and even eliminate unwanted facial and body hair, and each approach offers different benefits and disadvantages. Most people, both men and women, seeking solutions for undesired or excess hair want a method that is safe, long-lasting, and causes minimal discomfort. For these reasons, laser hair removal is one of the best options for effectively reducing hair on nearly any region of the body and face.

In our experience, most patients’ number one goal is permanent reduction. Unwanted hair can be a source of embarrassment, discomfort—if shaving causes razor burn or ingrown hairs—and frustration as the process of removal must be repeated often, and sometimes daily. Our advanced eMax Laser Hair Removal System utilizes heat and radio frequency energy to provide permanent hair reduction for most skin types with little to no downtime and minimal discomfort. It can often even work on lighter hair that used to be untreatable. Furthermore, we offer prescription strength topical numbing creams to help optimize patient comfort.

Other do-it-yourself methods of hair removal typically require high maintenance routines and endless repeated sessions, and they still only offer temporary results most of the time. Shaving and lotions, while relatively painless, must be frequently employed and may cause reactions on sensitive skin. Waxing and at-home epilators are generally painful, especially on delicate face and body skin, and they only offer a few weeks of being hair-free. Additionally, individuals must wait until hair grows out—something many find uncomfortable—before utilizing the same treatment. Most of these options are also best performed on smaller areas. Laser hair removal, however, can often be effective on both small and large areas of the body.

Just like choosing boxed hair color over salon treatments, at-home hair removal can be a time-consuming process that typically produces less than professional results. With laser hair removal, our experienced dermatologists can offer long-lasting hair reduction in a safe, comfortable environment.

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