Endless Summer: Benefits of Laser Hair Removal in Southern California

laser-hair-removal-newport-beachOur patients tend to lead active and healthy lifestyles, working out, swimming, and spending considerable time outdoors. The clothing worn during these pursuits is typically less restricting to allow for comfort and ease of movement. As a result, it also tends to show more skin. Unwanted or excessive facial or body hair can make many individuals feel embarrassed, and wearing revealing clothing can exacerbate these concerns. Fortunately, laser hair removal may be able to offer permanent reduction of unwanted hair of the face and body in virtually any area.

Our advanced laser hair removal system works well for most skin tones and even on lighter hair. It is not, however, intended for use on skin that is tanned or has sunless tanner on it. As a result, fall can be one of the best times to consider laser hair removal treatment since it is not generally regarded as a peak season for tanning.

Once hair is removed, many individuals feel a renewed sense of confidence that allows them to spend more time doing what they love without the discomfort often associated with undesired hair. Other benefits of laser hair removal can include:

  •      Minimal discomfort – we provide a prescription strength topical anesthetic
  •      Typically permanent hair reduction
  •      Effective on most skin tones
  •      Little to no downtime
  •      Customized treatment plan

Some redness following treatment is normal, but this will typically fade within the hour. Additionally, some sensitivity may occur in more delicate areas of the face or body. Optimal results often require multiple treatments performed approximately every 4-8 weeks. Ultimately, our experienced team of board certified dermatologists will help create a personalized treatment plan based on your individual needs and aesthetic goals.

For more information about laser hair removal, or if you wish to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.

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