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Give Mom GRASS for Mother’s Day!

MommyMakeover1We aren’t discussing the lovely soft green stuff under your feet or the stuff your teenager may be smoking! GRASS represents the ultimate home skin care program that will keep Mom looking her best!

  • G is for GROWTH FACTORS – These important proteins direct local cells to produce more collagen and elastin and enhance rejuvenation. Growth factors are found in our TNS Recovery Complex®.
  • R is for RETINOLS – also called Retin-A. They help stimulate keratinocyte cell renewal. Considered the gold standard in photorejuvenation, tretinoin (ie prescription strength Retin-A) can stimulate collagen production, typically resulting in a renewal process.
  • A is for ANTIOXIDANTS – These are products that bind free radicals (the harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation) and prevent further cellular damage. Topical Vitamin C and E are examples of antioxidants.
  • S is for SPECIALTY – for her unique needs. Where Mom may have problems with hyper pigmentation, redness, or acne, these are specialty items to address her needs. An example is the Lytera® product, which is a non-hydroquinone based lightener used to improve excess pigmentation.
  • S is for SUN PROTECTION – for UV Defense – Protect your investment with physical-based sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Our goal is to help each customer achieve optimal results when using our products. If you need help choosing a GRASS regimen that is tailored to your personal skin care needs, lifestyle, and budget, contact us today to make an appointment with one of our providers or with our Cosmetic Consultant.


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