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Indoor Tanning And Associated Health Risks

indoor-tanning-risks At Silverberg Surgical & Medical Group, we like to encourage that our patients stay informed of the latest news regarding the health of their skin. While many of us are already aware of the increased risk of skin cancer that’s associated with tanning, researchers now have also identified that frequent tanning could be linked to certain health risk behaviors, as well as some mental illnesses.

Recently, Dermatology Daily cites several media outlets that report on studies which investigated associated health risks among those who frequently indoor tan. In a March study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, authors surveyed 533 college students and found that those who engage in excessive tanning may also experience significant psychiatric distress with conditions like obsessive-compulsive disorder and body dysmorphic disorders.

In a JAMA Dermatology article published in February, researchers from the Centers for Disease and Control reported that among teenagers, indoor tanning is associated with risk-behaviors, such as illegal drug use, binge drinking, smoking, and unhealthy weight control practices. If you are the parent of a young adult, it’s important to note that our California law prohibits minors from visiting tanning salons. Additionally, more states continue to follow suit as the public demonstrates increasing awareness and concern regarding the dangers associated with ultraviolet (UV) exposure from tanning salon usage.

At our cosmetic and medical dermatology practice, we take a preventive approach to skin cancer, which means educating our patients on the importance of proper sun protection, and discouraging factors that increase one’s risk for developing skin cancer. For our patients who are interested in visiting tanning salons, however, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our dermatologists for a skin cancer screening, and to learn about some of the cosmetic products that can alternatively provide a bronzed, healthy-looking glow.

If you would like more information on skin cancer or the risks associated with tanning salons, or to schedule a consultation, please contact Silverberg Surgical & Medical Group today.

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