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Study Investigates Tanning Salons Compliance with California Law


January 1st will mark California’s two year anniversary since the ban on underage tanning went into effect. As mentioned in our recent blog post, “More States join the Ban on Teen Tanning,” we’ve witnessed an increase in public awareness regarding the health risks of indoor tanning as more states have agreed to enact limitations on tanning for minors, or decided to ban tanning use for youth altogether. However, a recent issue of Dermatology Daily cites The San Francisco Chronicle reporting the results from a study that found some California tanning salons are still giving out false information about the hazards associated with ultraviolet tanning.

According to the study, published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, the majority (77 percent) of tanning salons informed the caller, who was a study investigator indicating she was 17 years old, that she could not use their tanning facility. Yet, a large portion of the salons (61 percent) denied any danger from the ultraviolet exposure, and also made unlawful claims about certain health benefits. For example, some salons stated that tanning could serve as skin disease treatment and prevent future sunburns.

Our dermatologists here at Silverberg Surgical & Medical Group encourage patients to properly protect themselves against ultraviolet exposure and the effects of sun damage. We also suggest that patients receive regular skin cancer screenings, and conduct self-exams to monitor their skin.

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