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Tattoo Infections Linked to Ink

Are you considering a tattoo? Have you recently received a tattoo? According to an article written by Michele G. Sullivan in Family Practice News Digital Network, a number of skin infection outbreaks have occurred across the U.S. as a result of contaminated tattoo ink. Although reports of outbreaks and routine ink testing are required, Dr. Byron Kennedy is cited in the article saying these regulations are not frequently enforced, ultimately leading to an underestimated occurrence of ink-related skin infections.

The article states that 19 people in New York state were reported to have developed mycobacterial infections on their skin last year after receiving tattoos from the same parlor. Investigators concluded that the particular tattoo parlor had been following best-practice methods (disposable gloves, sterilized needles, single-ink containers, etc.); however a certain pre-mixed ink they were using contained the Mycobacterium chelonae contaminate.

In response to the New York outbreak, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a nationwide warning in an effort to uncover similar incidents across the country. As knowledge of contaminated ink and its symptoms spread, relevant cases were revealed in three more states including Iowa, Washington, and Colorado. In each particular case, Mycobacterium chelonae skin infections were linked to contaminated tattoo ink.

Contaminated tattoo ink can lead to infection and many undesirable skin conditions. To learn about skin care treatments for tattoo infections from our dermatologists in Newport Beach, please contact Silverberg Surgical and Medical Group to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nancy Silverberg today.

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