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The Vitalize Peel® : a New Solution to Treat Wrinkles, Skin Discoloration and Acne Scarring


Our medical and cosmetic dermatologists are pleased to offer patients a new skin treatment that addresses the effects of aging, photodamage, and environmental toxins on one’s skin. Part of the SkinMedica® product line, Vitalize Peel® is a gentle, yet effective formula appropriate for all skin types, with visible improvement often noticed after one treatment.

Utilizing a combination of mild acid formulations, the Vitalize® Peel treatment promotes the exfoliation of the epidermis (top layer of skin) and the stimulation of collagen. As a result, pore size can be noticeably reduced and the skin’s tone and texture improved, leading to the appearance of a healthier and more resilient complexion. The Vitalize® Peel can also be helpful in reducing signs of acne scars.

Treatment sessions for Vitalize Peel® are typically brief, requiring between 20 and 40 minutes to complete; however, this will vary with each individual. You should be able to resume your normal activities immediately after your treatment, but some skin peeling can be expected for approximately one to three days.

To learn whether Vitalize Peel® may be the right treatment for your skin rejuvenation goals, please contact Silverberg Surgical and Medical Group today.

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