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Wrinkles Through the Window?

Most people have heard about the damage of UVA rays and the implications of not using sun protection. However, its importance cannot be reiterated enough. A recent report from ABC World News referenced a picture printed in the New England Journal of Medicine of a 69-year-old truck driver who, through 28 years of driving, developed numerous wrinkles on the window-side of his face. His other side showed no signs of wrinkling. The same picture was published in an article by the New York Daily News in an article stating that the man suffers from unilateral dermatoheliosis, a skin condition that may have been caused by the penetration of ultraviolet-A rays through the driver’s side window. The UVA rays were able to reach the man’s face and damage the surface layers of his skin. The report adds that, although the truck driver has not developed skin cancer, melanomas have been known to form from mutations related to dermatoheliosis.Some common ways to protect against harmful UV rays include high-SPF sunscreens, hats, long pants and sleeves, and limiting your exposure to the sun. You should also have regular skin cancer screenings to catch any problems as early as possible. If you have questions about skin protection, or if you would like more information on skin cancer treatments or other skin conditions, please contact Silverberg Surgical & Medical Group.

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