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What Are the Side Effects of Clear + Brilliant®?

shutterstock_92466964A popular laser skin rejuvenation treatment for men and women of all ages, Clear + Brilliant® Laser offers many skin-enhancing benefits. Since it’s designed to be gentler than many other types of lasers, patients often wonder if there’s a catch. Our experienced providers and skilled medical team utilize the Clear + Brilliant® platform to help refresh and revitalize the appearance of a broad array of skin types. While harsher lasers can cause significant side effects, non-ablative Clear + Brilliant® requires minimal downtime.

After a Clear + Brilliant® treatment, you may notice your skin in the treated region appears red, and you may experience some tenderness and mild swelling. These symptoms should fade within a few days. Makeup can be applied the next day to cover these effects if desired. Patients often return to normal activity, including work and social engagements, immediately following the procedure. Clear + Brilliant® is so gentle, it can be combined with other skin resurfacing treatments, skin care products, and cosmetic procedures for more comprehensive improvement.

If you’re interested in what Clear + Brilliant® can do for you, we hope you’ll reach out to our practice for more information.

Posted on April 14, 2016 in Latest News, Non-Surgical | by

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